If your thinking of coming to one of our sessions, here are some questions we get asked alot.

I have struggled with my weight and fitness for a long time, how will a personal trainer make a difference?

The purpose of a personal trainer is to provide a specific programme based on your individual needs. Each client has an initial consultation discussing barriers, objectives and goals in preparation to beginning training. Once an appointment has been made both the trainer and the client are committed to the programme. This continued commitment would ensure results through a continually adapted, challenging and progressive programme

How often should I train?

Three times each week should be sufficient for you to start feeling and seeing results. Although, like anything, you will get more out of it if you put more in. Whether you work out with your Trainer every time is up to you, and how motivated you are, how often you can afford to train, what your schedule is like every week.

Can I set the time I work out?

You are the client and you should be able to train when you want. However, do remember that trainers will have existing clients and so your first choice may not be available so it's best to be flexible. If your trainer consistently arrives late or starts cancelling at the last minute you should question whether they are right for you. If you're changing your training time, always give at least 24 hours notice - otherwise you'll be charged.

Does it matter how Fit or 'out of shape' I am?

Not at all, we can help all kinds of people improve their fitness, physiques and quality of life. Everyone has to start somewhere and the very fact that you are reading this means you have taken the first step. All of our personal training sessions and workouts are designed to be suitable for you at each stage of your progression. You are constantly monitored and assessed to ensure that the workouts progress with your ability and goals.

Will I get specific exercises for me at bootcamp?

Bootcamp sessions are ideal for people who want to work out with like minded people. The sessions are written to suit all sorts of people but are not specific for individuals. if you have an injury or an exercise in which you struggle then alternate exercises will be given. Just let your trainer know before the session! 

What happens if I change my mind halfway through the session and I want my money back?

All sessions are paid for in advance and therefore are non refundable.

What happens if I am running late for the session?

If you are running no more than ten minutes late. I will go ahead with the session as planned. However, if you are more than ten minutes late, I am entitled to reschedule the session. If I am late for the session, I will train you for the full hour.

Should I eat before training?

I would reccomend that you don't eat 2 hours prior to the session. If you need to eat then have something light, a piece of fruit for instance. 

Do I need to bring any equipment?

No you don't need to bring any equipment, everything will be provided, just bring yourself and a drink! Do make sure you bring any inhalers or other medication if needed.

What do I wear?

Wear whatever you would wear to the gym! if the weather is a bit cooler then layer up, this way you can remove the layers as you get warmer. If the weather has been wet then make sure you wear something that your prepared to get dirty! 

Where can I leave my belongings?

Try to leave valuables at home. We will have an area in the park where we will keep the equipment, you can put any clothing/bags there.

Does bootcamp and personal training sessions still run if the weather is bad?

Our sessions are held outdoors and they run all year round. In the winter, this can mean we often train in the dark and the damp and cold. But don’t let it put you off! We stick to well-lit areas and wearing good layers will keep you warm before and after sessions. In rare circumstances of extreme weather we may cancel the class if we are concerned for your safety. In this case, you will receive an email before the class to let you know it will not be running.

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