Online Personal Training

My Online Personal Training service allows me to provide YOU with an expert training plan, guidance and personal attention, no matter your location.

Are you:

Tired of doing the same thing in the gym each week?
Bored of your current gym programs?
Spending hours each week working out and seeing no change in your body?

We can help, with a Straightline Fitness Online Personal Training Plan. 

Each plan is designed for YOU depending on your needs and goals by our Double Olympian Kate Haywood. Plans involve High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts that can be done in your gym or any outside area, like your local park.

The following packages are available to purchase today.

Online Personal Training

What they say...

"After an initial consultation online, Kate put together a package of 12 sessions for me. Each session gives me a good mix of core work, strength, and cardio, and is helping me to achieve my twin goals of toning up, and losing weight. The sessions are varied, so I don't get bored. Kate was able to tailor the sessions to suit my requirements, and it is easy to adapt each session as my strength and cardio fitness increases. Kate offered support via email, and was able to make adjustments to my sessions when needed. Highly recommended"
Shenaz, Caymen Islands

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