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Straightline Fitness offers personal training sessions tailored to you in Battersea Park.

About personal training in Battersea Park

Battersea Park is the ideal location for outdoor personal training. With its big green empty spaces it offers plenty of space. There are also many other qualities to Battersea Park, it has a bandstand, which we can use if the weather is torrential! It has many steps, benches and obstacles in which we can use to make a workout challenging and fun. It also has toilet facilities, which can sometimes be very handy! The park is easy to get to by public transport and also has plenty of meter parking. For those early birds or late nighters the car parks are free before 9am and after 5pm!

How to get started

We offer a FREE initial trial session, which includes a health and fitness consultation, from which a session plan and package will be devised to help you get to your goals.

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